2018 Zeta Chi Executive Officers


President: Alana Finnerty


I’m so thankful that I get the opportunity to lead Zeta Chi this year as President. I love the members in this chapter so much and I am looking forward to helping my sisters reach their full potential. As president, my job is to be there for the members, oversee chapter operations, and work closely with the executive board. I also work with TCU and our International Headquarters to ensure our chapter continues on its successful path. I love Gamma Phi because I have found friends who constantly lift me up, believe in me and push me to do my best. I want that for every girl in this sorority and I think that is definitely possible!


Vice President of Administration: Tori Hatch


It is truly an honor to serve as this year's Vice President of Administration for the Zeta Chi Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta.  I am excited to follow in the footsteps of last year's exec team and continue this chapter's success.  As AVP, I am in charge of overseeing all monthly officer reports for our chapter, and keeping the calendar up to date.  I also maintain relations with our regional and international officers, and plan the election that happens in the fall to elect the next executive team for 2019. I love Gamma Phi because it has brought me lifetime friendships, unforgettable friendships, and leadership opportunities.  


Vice President of Education:  Lauren Working


Hi there! My name is Lauren Working and I serve as the Education Vice President for Gamma Phi Beta. It is truly an honor to have been elected for this position given that it has been a dream of mine for a long time. As the Education VP, I am responsible for all of our chapter's sisterhood events, Big-Little Reveal, Bid Day, New-Member Education, Initiation and our chapter's Scholarship program. Each one of these things is what makes Gamma Phi what it is and I love that I am able to be a part of that. Over the course of my term it is my goal to encourage girls to be unapologethically themselves, plan events that foster unity, dive deeper into the history of our sorority, and simply celebrate the amazing woman that make up our chapter. Working along side these 6 other officers and getting to be in a chapter of over 200 woman is beyond joyful, and I am grateful that God gave me the sisters I never knew I needed. I am ecstatic to meet our future pledge class and I look forward to the year to come!

Vice President of Finance: Emily Cosler


Hey! My name is Emily Cosler and I am truly honored to be serving as Gamma Phi’s Financial Vice President this year! It is such an amazing opportunity for me to give back to the sorority that has had such a positive impact on my life. As Financial VP, I have the privilege of running the operational side of Gamma Phi including the collection of dues, paying for all of our fun events, and managing our budget. It’s a really unique chance for me to interact with all the members of the sorority! My favorite part of being a Gamma Phi is having over 200 friends who are always there to encourage one another, make unforgettable memories, and enjoy all that TCU has to offer. It’s great to have sisters in other areas I am involved in like the Neeley School of Business, StuMo Campus Ministry, and Intramural Sports!



Vice President of Membership: Katie Thompson


I am so excited to serve the Zeta Chi chapter as the Vice President of Membership for the 2018 year. Recruitment is an exciting process, and it is my job to oversee the entirety of the process to continue the growth of our chapter. I am dedicated to keeping our growth rooted in our four core values (Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty) and continuing the integrity and reputation of our chapter on campus throughout my term. The planning of recruitment is a lengthy task, but one I find enjoyment in. It’s going to be another fabulous year of recruitment for TCU’s Gamma Phi chapter and I can’t wait to see it all come together!

Vice President of Panhellenic Affairs: Kayla Prager



My name is Kayla Prager and I am the VP of Panhellenic Affairs. The main focus of my position is to remain in regular positive contact with the Panhellenic community of TCU. I represent Gamma Phi at weekly meetings to help the panhellenic community. I help strengthen our members' growth through active involvement with on and off campus events. I am so fortunate to call everyone in this chapter my sister and feel continually supported by every member. I proudly represent this sorority on campus to let TCU see how bright our light as a chapter is!!


Vice President of Public Relations: Hannah Chalfant



Hi y'all! My name is Hannah and I'm so excited and honored to serve as PRVP for the 2018 calendar year. As Public Relations Vice President, I'm in charge of all things that those outside of our chapter see, and how those outside of our chapter view Zeta Chi. My departments include social events, family weekend, mom's weekend, dad's weekend, Founder's Day, t-shirts, social media, website, Alumni Relations, and philanthropy events! Being given the opportunity to hold a leadership position for this chapter has made me fall in love with Gamma Phi even more. I'm so passionate about this chapter and each individual woman within it, so getting the opportunity to make sure that those external to our chapter get to see how amazing everyone is has been so special for me. Each woman within this chapter has endless potential and will go so far in life, and being able to express that to those on campus, in the Fort Worth community, and to those that keep up with Zeta Chi through social media has been so fun and rewarding!